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Growing up in the hood wasnt easy. Times were tough and money was scarce. I worked whenever I could to help my family survive and gave up any spare time to keep my family running from A to B. When I first met my wife and we had our first son as young parents, I wanted to create an apparel line that would suit other young parents like myself. After many years of self doubt, I have finally decided to push myself and pursue my creative ideas and have come up with YGP, a clothing line for Mami’s and Papi’s where we create shirts and singlets carefully customised to you and your families. We are starting with shirts and jerseys and are looking to extend our range once we kick off. Inspired by young parents from all backgrounds, I know you will find something you like within our range. Send me a DM for any requests or special requirements as we can create and cater personalized pieces. Stay tuned as we are also looking to make pieces for the young guns in the fam as well !

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